Friday, January 18, 2008

My lost and found life Top Ten List

The Top Ten Things to know about My Lost and Found Life are listed below:
1.Main Character
Ashley is the main character in My Lost and Found Life Ashley is the main character because the whole story revolves around her, and what also happened to her. Ashley is an only child who is put into an horrible situation by her mother and what she was “doing” to help her. Ashley had led a normal life until her world turned upside down from her mother embezzling millions of dollars from the company she worked for.

2.The Plot
The plot of this book revolves around Ashley and what she is doing to get her life back in order. Soon after Ashley had found out about what her mother had done she couldn’t believe it. Ashley soon realized that with her moms best fiend Gloria that she had to get moving forward with her life. Ashley had to get out of her mother’s house and find her own place where she could live. Ashley also had to get a job so that she could survive. Ashley did this by working at a coffee shop. When Ashley was working at the coffee she made a lot of new friends that could help her when she was stuck in the mud. Ashley also had to stay in her mom’s x-boyfriend’s camper while she was looking for a real place to call home.

3. Earl
Earl was one of the friendly people that Ashley met while she was living in Phil’s (her mom’s x-boyfriend) camper. If Ashley couldn’t get to sleep at night she could go out and talk to Earl. When Ashley first started staying in Phil’s camper she would often run out and tell Earl what had happened to her before she moved into Phil’s camper. Earl had been there every single time that Ashley had needed to talk to him, which Ashley had always been so thankful for that she needed to repay the favor to Earl. This time came when the gas station was completely empty and Ashley was in the camper getting ready to fall asleep when she heard someone bang on the door, Ashley knew that it wasn’t Earl because he wouldn’t bang like this person was doing. Ashley was so scared that she cut herself on a knife that she had hid in case anything like this would ever happen to her while she was staying in the camper. Ashley stayed right where she was and waited tell the person had left. Ashley then rushed inside to see Earl, and he was laying on the floor. Ashley ran to the phone and called 9-1-1 and told the operator that someone had hurt this man. Earl made it to the hospital and made it out alive, Ashley felt so proud of her self that she helped Earl just like he had always helped her.

4. Major conflict
The major conflict in My Lost and Found Life is that Ashley’s mother has embezzled a million a dollars and has left Ashley with no clue of where she is and if she is ok. Ashley is faced with a problem when she runs out of money. This problem is finding a low rent apartment in a nice area and finding a ggod paying job. Ashley can’t find any news about where her mother is and if her mother is ok, which Ashley gets really mad and sad about.

5.Mad Malcolm’s coffee shop
Malcolm’s coffee shop had an influnence on Ashley. Ashley ttok this job partly because she needed a way to have a cash flow and also partly because she needed to talk to people which she can surely do at the coffee shop. Ashley met many new people which she later considered to be her friends. Ashley met many new people that she could talk to and relate to them. There was one man that always came in to the coffee shop ranting and trying to steal from the cash register that finally set the coffee shop up into flames. Ashley had the role of getting everybody out of the building and that helped her because she knew that she could actually help people when they were in need of help.

All of Ashley’s highschool friends had moved away to their dorm rooms at their new colleges which Ashley did not get to do. Ashley had to meet new friends Ashley met people at the coffee shop and Ashley met Tattie. Ashley and Tattie would do a lot of stuff together, they would go shopping, hang out with some of Tattie’s friends and Tattie also brought Ashley to a club where Ashley had to get a fake I.D. to get into it. Ashley learned many new things from Tattie that she would not have learned from her best friend Nicole before she moved away or from any of the other preppie girls from her school. Ashley could always count on Tattie to be there for her when she was down. This is why Tattie is one of the people that you should know after reading this book.

7. Nicole
Nicole was Ashley's best friend all through High School. Nicole had a mother who didn't like Ashley at all. She thought that she was a bad influence on her daughter. Her mother felt like this because Ashley was always the star in the school plays and did really well in school, which her daughter did not like to participate in. Nicole and Ashley had a plan to go to college out East, so they could get away from their mother's and do what they actually what they wanted to do. Nicole had heard the news about Ashley's mother but she felt that it was best for her if she still went to college out East, Ashley also thought that this plan was a good idea. Nicole promised that she would come back and visit Ashley and see how her new life was coming along.

8. Patrick
Patrick was a man that Ashley met once she started to work at Mad Malcolm's coffee shop. Patrick was a young man from Ireland who loved Ashley. Patrick actually met Ashley outside of the coffee shop. Patrick saw her at a book reading at a near by book store. Ashley had to get out of the camper so on night's that there were reading's at the book store she would go down and listen. Patrick took Ashley out a couple of times and made her feel good about herself. Patrick was always there for Ashley when she needed a shoulder and this is why Patrick is part of my top ten list.

9. The overview of My Lost and Found Life
This book revolves around a character who had a mother who embezzled a million dollars. Ashley feels like after her other did this to her that she needs, or has to start a new life for herself. To do this Ashley has to move out of her home that her mother has lived and her grandmother have lived in. Ashley also has to find a job to keep up the way that she wants to live. Ashley moves into a camper and starts a new job at a coffee shop. At the coffee shop she meets many new people who have many different views on life that Ashley would never have thought.

10. The reader, Betsy's Opinion on My Lost and Found Life
I thought that this book was very well written. I thought that there were many really good parts in this book. I also thought that in some parts the writer went to much into depth. One of these parts was when Ashley would go into work at the coffee shop, and there would a whole chapter on it. While in some parts, one including when the police found her mother I thought that the author should have gone more in depth. I thought that overall was a very well written book.

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