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Outside reading post 6

Part A:
Congenial pg.242-agreeable, suitable, or pleasing in nature or character

Part B:Ashley went on a date with Patrick.
The next morning at the coffee shop Patrick and Ashley were both taking it cool and acting like nothing had happened the night before. Patrick talked to Ashley and told her that he was going to go back to Ireland to visit his family. Ashley had no idea what to say to him when he told her this. Patrick asked her to come with him to his friend's cabin in Lake Tahoe, and that his friend wouldn't be their. Ashley said that she would love to go so she picked him up at the train station. They went up to the cabin, and they celebrated Ashley's birthday their. When Patrick got up in the morning he made a cake for her and he could only find ten candles and he knew that she wasn't turning ten, and asked how old she was really turning. Ashley said that she was turning nineteen. "He almost dropped the cake." And said "You're only nineteen!"
When Ashley and Patrick returned to their normal lives after spending the weekend at Lake Tahoe the two of them couldn't stop smiling at each other. Malcolm was the only person who noticed and he sat down and told Ashley that she didn't know what she was getting herself into with Patrick and that she should stay away from him.
Ashley was having a normal day at the coffee shop except for when the crazy book came in splashing what Ashley thought was holy water around the coffee shop. Then the crazy man lit a match and started the place on fire. Ashley was trying to get the crazy man to stop it, but when she couldn't get him to stop she rushed everybody out the back kitchen door. Ashley grabbed Sophie a little girl that Bella is nannying. Once Ashley got everybody out of the burning coffee house she sat down in the side of the road coughing really heavily.
Ashley went home to the camper and went to bed because she was feeling really drowsy. Ashley would sleep, dream and cough during the period she was at home because the coffee house was closed. One morning after sleeping for many hours she ran outside to use the gas station's restroom. When she was coming back from the restroom she saw saw Nicole's mom filling up her BMW. Nicole's mom said that she was dating Phil who use to be dating Ashley's mom. Ashley didn't know what to say to her si she just ran back to the camper.
Ashley kept coughing during the night and couldn't catch her breath. Earl was walking by and her wild coughing, he knew she wasn't doing good so he called officer Strobel. They both rushed her to the near by hospital where they pronounced that she had a collapsed lung and Bronchitis. Ashley had many visitors while she stayed at the hospital.

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Where I have seen and participated in debate:
At home
In the car
Listening to the radio
With cousins
With parents
With siblings
When I am babysitting and the kids want to stay up a little longer
On vacation
With friends

outside reading blog post 5

Part A:
pg. 225 Tapas- Any of various small, savory Spanish dishes, often served as a snack or with other tapas as a meal.
pg. 178 Insomnia-inability to obtain sufficient sleep, esp. when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.
pg. 188 Infatuation-extravagant passion or attraction.
"Earl?" "I called, struggling to keep my terror under control.""Oh God Earl!" "Can you hear me?" pg.197 This quote is important because it shows that Ashley treats and acts like Earl is her friend. Earl was hardly ever there for his daughter and now he thinks that he is helping and listening to Ashley because he was never their for his daughter and he is doing it for karma. Ashley felt like she helped someone by "saving" Earl's life and that she has a friend that she can help.
Part B:
In section four of My Lost and Found Life Ashley goes through motions at the coffee shop. She talks with the regular customers and she is even starting to flirt with Patrick, who reads and writes with Malcolm.
Ashley meets a man named Earl who works the night shift at Phil's gas station. Earl is very nice to Ashley he talked to a man who could give Ashley four tires for $300. Ashley also goes and talks to Earl about her problems and what has happened to her and her mother. Earl listens really well to Ashleyand what she has to say.
At the coffee shop the phone rang, Ashley picked it up and the woman on the phone asked for Patrick but Patrick told Ashley to tell the woman to leave a message. After Ashley hung up the phone Patrick told Malcolm that once a woman meets him she starts to make wedding plans (which he doesn't want) and Malcolm said to Patrick that he leads the woman on, and that it is his own fault.
After being in the camper for a few weeks Ashley laid down and found the knife under her pillow that she keeps there in case of an intruder. This was a smart idea in Ashley's case because a ma came and tried to get in the camper but couldn't luckily because the door was bolted shut. Instead of just leaving the man went inside the gas station and tried to get the money out of the cash register, Earl let him have it. The man wouldn't leave after getting the money he had to try and lock Earl up in the bathroom but instead of doing that he crushed a few of Earl's ribs and cut his head open. Ashley rushed in the gas station to make sure that Earl didn't gt hurt as she was walking in she saw the bathroom door open and she walked in and saw Earl laying in the middle of the floor soaked in his own blood. Ashley called 911 and an ambulance came and took him away.
Officer Strobel (who knows Ashley because they have talked about her mother Diane and her embezzling millions of dollars), started to question Ashley and what she was doing at the gas station at this hour, and how she knows Earl?
Ashley goes to free book readings, she went to one and she saw Patrick (who is a regular at the coffee shop) their and they talked for hours about different movies, and books. Patrick and Ashley were talking about movies they had seen and which ones were their favorites. Patrick said that he would have to take Ashley to see one of his favorite films (which was in black and white.) Ashley met him outside the theater at 6:00pm. After the movie which Ashley really liked they went to go eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant near the movie theater.

outside reading blog post 4

Part A:
pg. 143 uproariously-making an uproar; confused and noisy,characterized by or in a state of uproar; tumultuous.
pg. 159 armoire-a large wardrobe or movable cupboard, with doors and shelves.
"Your mother wouldn't want you to be living in a camper behind my station." pg. 137 This quote is a really good place that the author put in the book because it shows that Ashley is in a really tight spot in her life and that she is willing to live anywhere, including Phil's camper behind his gas station. Ashley is not thinking about what her mother would like be to be doing or living.

Part B:
Ashley has found herself with very little money. Her home is slowly being taken away from her. Ashley has to find a place to live before it too late and she is living on the streets. Ashley thinks about the people she could go live with, and she comes up with one person Phil. Phil use to date Ashley's mom. Ashley persuades him to let her sleep in his camper outside the gas station he owns.
Ashley started to work at Malcolm's Mad House Coffee Shop. Ashley realizes that she only gets paid $8.50 an hour, which is very little. The plus side is that she can eat and drink there for free. Soon after working their Ashley realizes that there are many goofy, and strange people that come in to the coffee shop everyday. One encounter that Ashley had on her first day was mistaking a little boy who was dressed up like a princess for a girl and his mother said "playful cross-dressing is a normal stage of any child's development."
Ashley's friend Tattie is working at a strip club. Ashley doesn't think that Tattie should be doing that in front of all of those men, and Ashley says this right to Tattie's face.
In conclusion of this section Ashley has started to work at Mad Malcolm's coffee shop, Ashley is starting to live in Phil's camper and Tattie is working at a strip club.

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outside reading blog post 3

Instigated pg. 119-to cause by incitement;
Befuddlement pg. 121-to confuse, as with glib statements or arguments

All of Ashley's friends have continued on with their life. Nicole, her best friend is going to Boston where she is going to be attending college and wishing that Ashley would come with her too.
Instead of going off to college which is what Ashley really wants to be doing she is going in for a job interview at a really expensive and Tres chic furniture store. Ashley thought this is just the kind of place I like. Ashley was having an interview with the store manager and he asked how much retailing experience Ashley has had and she had to sadly answer none and she knew from that point that she wasn't going to get the job.
After the interview was over she left the building to go to the end of town where they would have fruit smoothie’s and they would be cheap. As Ashley was leaving she saw a little coffee store called Mad Malcolm's Cyber café. As Ashley drove by she saw "Help Wanted" sign so she walked in and saw a Asian man with a shaved head and a tattoo of a dragon on his arm. Ashley said "Hi I'd like to apply for the job!" The Asian looking man reached under the counter and pulled out a raceme and handed it to Ashley. Ashley filled it out and even drank a latte to show that she was really into coffee. She handed it back to the Asian man. The next day Ashley woke up to a phone call and it was Malcolm Merriman from Mad Malcolm's Cyber café and that he was looking for Ashley that she has got the job and that she should come in around Nine O’clock. Ashley asked Malcom what she should wear and he said “wear clothes because this ain’t Starbucks darlin’.” “Wear whatever you want. But I wouldn’t recommend anything too short unless you want customers looking up your skirt every time you bend over.”pg.134 Ashley said great I will see you tomorrow at nine.

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Angela’s Ashes Summary Post 5

In chapter eight of Angela’s Ashes Frank is getting ready to get Confirmed. The night before the boys get Confirmed they go over to Peter Dooley, whom they call him Quasimodo because he has a hunch back. The boys go over there to look at his naked sisters while they take their weekly bath. Frank and the boys get caught and their mothers come. Frank’s mom says that she doesn’t want the priest to tell her that Frank is going to have to get confirmed next year. She makes Frank go home and kneel before the pope and swear that he doesn’t look at anotherg irl naked.
Frank gets confirmed and his nose starts to bleed. Angela takes Frank home and all the boys are wondering why he won’t make his collection. Frank goes home and goes to bed. When Franks father comes home he sees Frank and says that he is having growing pains and his grandmother says the same thing. The McCourts neighbor Ms. Hannon comes over and tells Angela that Frank should see a doctor right away. Angela says that the Dispensary is closed, but they find a doctor and he says that it is just a bad cold. Days later Frank is still in bed sleeping and bleeding. They finally find their doctor and he comes over and rushes Frank to the hospital right away and he tells Angela that he has Typhoid Fever. Frank meets a girl, Patricia in the hospital who has Diphtheria. Patricia gives books to the janitor, Seamus to give to Frank. Frank reads about wars, England’s history, and poetry. Patricia died in he night while trying to use the lavatory when suppose to be using a bed pan. Frank got out of the hospital and is goig home.
Frank’s father doesn’t have a job and the family is out of money again. When frank goes back to school he has to be in the fifth class because he has missed so much school. Frank doesn’t want to be in the fifth class because that is the class that Malachy, his younger brother is in.

Chapter nine
Frank’s father is going off to England to find work. Angela is so happy she can finally pay back Kathleen O’Connell for her loan of milk, tea eggs and bread. Frank’s father Malachy doesn’t send any money home for the family. Frank has two bad eyes and goes to see a doctor. Frank also has to stay at the hospital and have eye drops put in his eyes every morning.
A friend of the family comes home from England and says that Malachy has gone pure mad with the drink which he loses all the money he makes from his job. Angela has to bring the kids to the Dispensary to get relief from the public to feed her family since Malachy keeps spending all of his wages at the pub.

Chapter ten
Angela is sick in bed and Frank has to help her but he knows that he can’t get anything else from the shop or his grandmothers house. Frank goes outside to the icy February weather and spots a lemonade truck leaving from South’s pub and a bread truck pulling away from Kathleen’s shop. Frank takes two bottles of lemonade and one loaf of bread. Frank brings his goodies home to his brothers and his sick mother. Angela doesn’t get better and goes to the hospital and the kids go to Aunt Aggie’s house. The kids have to do everything Ant Aggie says or they will get yelled at and hit. Malachy comes home from England. Malachy is there for a few days while Angela is sick and then he goes back to England, he sends three pounds back to the family one week and then nothing else weeks after. There is no money or food left in the house Angela and many other poor went go to the Priests house to get left overs from their dinner to feed their families.
Favorite Quote:
1. “There in the middle of the crowd in her dirty gray coat is my mother. This is my own mother, begging. This is worse than the dole, St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Dispensary. It’s the worst kind of shame, almost as bad as begging on the streets where the tinkers hold up their scabby children, Give us a penny for the poor child, mister, the poor child is hungry, missus.”Frank McCourt 250 Angela’s Ashes I think that this quote is so important because Frank is telling the about his miserable Irish Catholic Childhood and al the trouble that his mother had to go through to feed her four boys.

Angela’s Ashes Summary Post 5

Chapter eleven:
Mr. Hannon finds out that he can’t be delivering coal anymore because of his legs and could use the help of Frank. Frank takes the job and earns a few extra shillings a week to help his family. Frank makes his eyes red from working with coal all day and they get infected. Frank’s mom Angela says that she doesn’t want Frank to go blind from working with the coal and that Frank must quit before he goes blind.

Chapter twelve:
Frank’s father Malachy is coming home for Christmas, Frank and Angela go down to the train station to wait for him. Malachy doesn’t come home tell after midnight, Angela and Frank have to wait there for him, while they wait the man at the control tower invites them up and they have a sandwich and some lemonade. Malachy finally comes home and the family has a nice Christmas dinner. Malachy gets out what he brought them from England and it is a half eaten box of chocolates. Malachy goes back to England and the family returns to how they have been living.
In the McCourts house there are always strangers. Angela always invites a woman and a child in because she can’t spare them any money and always tells her children that there are always people far worse then they are.
The McCourts are getting evicted from there house and have to find a new place to move to. The family moves to Laman Griffin Angela’s cousin because he has extra space in his house. The McCourts already like this house better because they have there own lavatory. Malachy Jr. Joins the English army and plays the trumpet.

Chapter thirteen:
Frank and his friends are going on a biking trip before school starts again and that Frank should borrow Laman’s bicycle. Laman says that he can use it, only if he does all the jobs that Laman asks him to do. Frank agrees. Frank has to empty his chamber pot, go to the library and get him all his new books, get his drinks and his bread from the store. Laman yells at Angela all the time and Frank is getting sick of it. Laman also lied to Frank about letting him use his bicycle. Frank gets so mad at Laman that he yells at him for treating his mother wrong and he gets punched in the face and then Frank runs out the door to his uncle Pat, the Abbot.

Chapter fourteen:

Frank is living with the Abbot now. Frank gets up in the mornings and takes the money that the Abbot has layed out for him and goes to Kathleen O’Conell’s for bread and tea. Angela sends Michael over to the Abbot’s house with warm bread and some milk. Frank is starting his job at the post office in one day and he is wearing dirty old rags, and he has to clean them. While he is doing this he is wearing his dead grandmothers’s clothing. Aunt Aggie comes in her brothers house and sees frank dressed in her mothers old clothing and starts to yell and Frank. Frank explains why he had to wear his grandmother’s old clothing because this is the day that he starts his new joba t the post office. Frank was wrong on the days and he doesn’t start his job until Monday. His Aunt Aggie took him to get new clothes and a bun because it was his birthday. Frank starts his job on Monday delivering telegrams. Michael, Alphie, and Angela are now living at The Abbots house more regularly and then even move in with him. Frank also has to start handing over his money to his mother, and now he cannot save as much for his ticket to America.

Chapter fifteen:
Frank has been getting telegrams to give to Mr. Harrington which are sympathy letters since his wife has died and then once he starts delivering to him more often he gets a job reading to him. Frank reads him letters, books, and tells him stories about his life.

Chapter sixteen:
Frank has another job writing mean letters to people who owe Mrs. Brigid Finucane money. Frank feels bad because he has to write letters to people he lived with in the streets of limerick. Frank sees a positive in him writing letters to poor people just like him. Frank gets a lot of money writing these letters and when Mrs. Finucane falls a sleep he takes some more money out of her purse for her being mean to people who are less off then her.

Chapter seventeen:
Frank is turning sixteen and his uncle Pa Keating is taking him out for his first pint. Frank comes home and talks to his mother very mean and then he slaps her. Frank feels very bad and he tries to find a priest who will let I him in to confession and not to tell him that he is drunk. Frank can’t find a priest who will let him in, so he goes home. Frank can’t talk to his mother after what he has done to her. It is Frank’s Birthday and he is writing threatening letters for Mrs. Finucane. Frank his now working as a magazine deliverer to local businesses and houses. Frank has to be a delivery boy on a bicycle because Gerry Halvey is going away for a weekend with his girlfriend.

Chapter eighteen:
Frank has saved up for years to go to America and he did it he is leaving on a ship to go start a new life in America. Frank wants to start a new job to save up and have his family come over to America with him.

blog post two A & B

Blog Post Two:

Post A:
Two vocab words that I didn’t know where:
Talismans page 96 definition: anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.
Larcenous page 107 definition: of, resembling, or characteristic of larceny.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” “He emphasized the word tomorrow as he closed the door.”Page 114.This quote is significant because it is describing how anxious Ashley is about her mother and her whereabouts and how Ashley thinks that Curtis her mothers boss knows something about where her mother is and what she is doing their.

Post B:
“I didn’t even bother to write down the info on anything above $700 a month- and even that was pushing it.” page 91. Ashley is running out of money and is in need of a place to live. To do this Ashley will need to sell items that she is not using at her garage sale so she can have money to eat and start paying rent on an apartment. Ashley and her best friend Nicole set up the garage sale and in total they brought in $3,500 which will be a start for Ashley. Next Ashley will try and find an apartment which is very hard because she doesn’t have that much money and no job yet. Two women that were trying to rent out a place said “We just can’t take the chance.” “Our last roommate said the same thing. She moved out while we were at work and she still owes us money for rent and a gigantic phone bill.”page 94. To find a nice apartment Ashley will also need to find a good job, like being a waitress at a restaurant where she will be able to get a lot of tips plus her own salary.
While doing the garage sale a silver Porsche pulls up and a man gets out of the car and he gives Ashley a card which reads Curtis Davidson III, Partner, Warren Simmons & Co. This is the company where Ashley’s mother Diane used to work. He says that he wants to talk to Ashley tomorrow. Instead of just waiting Ashley calls up her friend Brian and asks him to find where Curtis’s home is and she goes their to see if her mother is their and why Curtis would be hiding her mother and not telling Ashley why can’t he tell Ashley what he is going to tell her tomorrow.

blog post one A & B

Blog Post One

Title: My Lost and Found Life
Author: Melodie Bowsher
Year Published:2006
Number of pages:312
Challenging enough for high school sophomore: Because of the language of the book and how it is written
Choose the book because: I read the back of the book and the inside cover and it looked very interesting

Blog Post Two A

Two vocab words: 1. Indignantly page25 Definition: Someone feeling angry, resentful, infuriated, mad.
2.Aghast page 77 Definition: Someone being struck with overwhelming shock or amazement; filled with sudden fright or horror

Blog Post Two B

A connection that I made while I was reading this book was that first Ashley Mitchell’s mom embezzles millions of dollars from her company and she runs away with the money. At this point in the book Ashley has no idea what has really happened to her mother and she really misses her. Ashley gets laughed at from kids at school who have read the news which she gets embarrassed, and quite defensive about. Soon enough Ashley runs out of money and she has to sell some of her clothes and even some of her mother’s clothing which is really hard for Ashley to do. Bills start pilling up on the kitchen table, the cell phone company has shut off the service on Ashley’s cell phone, the ATM has rejected Ashley’s card and soon enough th electricity will go out in the house if Ashley doesn’t do something about it soon.
The Mitchell’s friend Gloria came over to try and help Ashley get out of this state that she is in now. The only answer that Gloria can give Ashley is that she needs to find a job to keep Ashley on her feet and to find a new place to live because Ashley’s old house a property that the mother’s company is taking over because of what Ashley’s mother did to the company. Gloria tells Ashley that she needs to “get a job like everyone else on the planet.” Ashley’s response to Gloria’s remark is “what.” Ashley’s response is like everyone else’s why do I need to get a job because nothing was ever expected of them ever before.