Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Outside reading post 6

Part A:
Congenial pg.242-agreeable, suitable, or pleasing in nature or character

Part B:Ashley went on a date with Patrick.
The next morning at the coffee shop Patrick and Ashley were both taking it cool and acting like nothing had happened the night before. Patrick talked to Ashley and told her that he was going to go back to Ireland to visit his family. Ashley had no idea what to say to him when he told her this. Patrick asked her to come with him to his friend's cabin in Lake Tahoe, and that his friend wouldn't be their. Ashley said that she would love to go so she picked him up at the train station. They went up to the cabin, and they celebrated Ashley's birthday their. When Patrick got up in the morning he made a cake for her and he could only find ten candles and he knew that she wasn't turning ten, and asked how old she was really turning. Ashley said that she was turning nineteen. "He almost dropped the cake." And said "You're only nineteen!"
When Ashley and Patrick returned to their normal lives after spending the weekend at Lake Tahoe the two of them couldn't stop smiling at each other. Malcolm was the only person who noticed and he sat down and told Ashley that she didn't know what she was getting herself into with Patrick and that she should stay away from him.
Ashley was having a normal day at the coffee shop except for when the crazy book came in splashing what Ashley thought was holy water around the coffee shop. Then the crazy man lit a match and started the place on fire. Ashley was trying to get the crazy man to stop it, but when she couldn't get him to stop she rushed everybody out the back kitchen door. Ashley grabbed Sophie a little girl that Bella is nannying. Once Ashley got everybody out of the burning coffee house she sat down in the side of the road coughing really heavily.
Ashley went home to the camper and went to bed because she was feeling really drowsy. Ashley would sleep, dream and cough during the period she was at home because the coffee house was closed. One morning after sleeping for many hours she ran outside to use the gas station's restroom. When she was coming back from the restroom she saw saw Nicole's mom filling up her BMW. Nicole's mom said that she was dating Phil who use to be dating Ashley's mom. Ashley didn't know what to say to her si she just ran back to the camper.
Ashley kept coughing during the night and couldn't catch her breath. Earl was walking by and her wild coughing, he knew she wasn't doing good so he called officer Strobel. They both rushed her to the near by hospital where they pronounced that she had a collapsed lung and Bronchitis. Ashley had many visitors while she stayed at the hospital.

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