Thursday, November 29, 2007

Angela’s Ashes Summary Post 5

Chapter eleven:
Mr. Hannon finds out that he can’t be delivering coal anymore because of his legs and could use the help of Frank. Frank takes the job and earns a few extra shillings a week to help his family. Frank makes his eyes red from working with coal all day and they get infected. Frank’s mom Angela says that she doesn’t want Frank to go blind from working with the coal and that Frank must quit before he goes blind.

Chapter twelve:
Frank’s father Malachy is coming home for Christmas, Frank and Angela go down to the train station to wait for him. Malachy doesn’t come home tell after midnight, Angela and Frank have to wait there for him, while they wait the man at the control tower invites them up and they have a sandwich and some lemonade. Malachy finally comes home and the family has a nice Christmas dinner. Malachy gets out what he brought them from England and it is a half eaten box of chocolates. Malachy goes back to England and the family returns to how they have been living.
In the McCourts house there are always strangers. Angela always invites a woman and a child in because she can’t spare them any money and always tells her children that there are always people far worse then they are.
The McCourts are getting evicted from there house and have to find a new place to move to. The family moves to Laman Griffin Angela’s cousin because he has extra space in his house. The McCourts already like this house better because they have there own lavatory. Malachy Jr. Joins the English army and plays the trumpet.

Chapter thirteen:
Frank and his friends are going on a biking trip before school starts again and that Frank should borrow Laman’s bicycle. Laman says that he can use it, only if he does all the jobs that Laman asks him to do. Frank agrees. Frank has to empty his chamber pot, go to the library and get him all his new books, get his drinks and his bread from the store. Laman yells at Angela all the time and Frank is getting sick of it. Laman also lied to Frank about letting him use his bicycle. Frank gets so mad at Laman that he yells at him for treating his mother wrong and he gets punched in the face and then Frank runs out the door to his uncle Pat, the Abbot.

Chapter fourteen:

Frank is living with the Abbot now. Frank gets up in the mornings and takes the money that the Abbot has layed out for him and goes to Kathleen O’Conell’s for bread and tea. Angela sends Michael over to the Abbot’s house with warm bread and some milk. Frank is starting his job at the post office in one day and he is wearing dirty old rags, and he has to clean them. While he is doing this he is wearing his dead grandmothers’s clothing. Aunt Aggie comes in her brothers house and sees frank dressed in her mothers old clothing and starts to yell and Frank. Frank explains why he had to wear his grandmother’s old clothing because this is the day that he starts his new joba t the post office. Frank was wrong on the days and he doesn’t start his job until Monday. His Aunt Aggie took him to get new clothes and a bun because it was his birthday. Frank starts his job on Monday delivering telegrams. Michael, Alphie, and Angela are now living at The Abbots house more regularly and then even move in with him. Frank also has to start handing over his money to his mother, and now he cannot save as much for his ticket to America.

Chapter fifteen:
Frank has been getting telegrams to give to Mr. Harrington which are sympathy letters since his wife has died and then once he starts delivering to him more often he gets a job reading to him. Frank reads him letters, books, and tells him stories about his life.

Chapter sixteen:
Frank has another job writing mean letters to people who owe Mrs. Brigid Finucane money. Frank feels bad because he has to write letters to people he lived with in the streets of limerick. Frank sees a positive in him writing letters to poor people just like him. Frank gets a lot of money writing these letters and when Mrs. Finucane falls a sleep he takes some more money out of her purse for her being mean to people who are less off then her.

Chapter seventeen:
Frank is turning sixteen and his uncle Pa Keating is taking him out for his first pint. Frank comes home and talks to his mother very mean and then he slaps her. Frank feels very bad and he tries to find a priest who will let I him in to confession and not to tell him that he is drunk. Frank can’t find a priest who will let him in, so he goes home. Frank can’t talk to his mother after what he has done to her. It is Frank’s Birthday and he is writing threatening letters for Mrs. Finucane. Frank his now working as a magazine deliverer to local businesses and houses. Frank has to be a delivery boy on a bicycle because Gerry Halvey is going away for a weekend with his girlfriend.

Chapter eighteen:
Frank has saved up for years to go to America and he did it he is leaving on a ship to go start a new life in America. Frank wants to start a new job to save up and have his family come over to America with him.

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