Thursday, November 29, 2007

blog post one A & B

Blog Post One

Title: My Lost and Found Life
Author: Melodie Bowsher
Year Published:2006
Number of pages:312
Challenging enough for high school sophomore: Because of the language of the book and how it is written
Choose the book because: I read the back of the book and the inside cover and it looked very interesting

Blog Post Two A

Two vocab words: 1. Indignantly page25 Definition: Someone feeling angry, resentful, infuriated, mad.
2.Aghast page 77 Definition: Someone being struck with overwhelming shock or amazement; filled with sudden fright or horror

Blog Post Two B

A connection that I made while I was reading this book was that first Ashley Mitchell’s mom embezzles millions of dollars from her company and she runs away with the money. At this point in the book Ashley has no idea what has really happened to her mother and she really misses her. Ashley gets laughed at from kids at school who have read the news which she gets embarrassed, and quite defensive about. Soon enough Ashley runs out of money and she has to sell some of her clothes and even some of her mother’s clothing which is really hard for Ashley to do. Bills start pilling up on the kitchen table, the cell phone company has shut off the service on Ashley’s cell phone, the ATM has rejected Ashley’s card and soon enough th electricity will go out in the house if Ashley doesn’t do something about it soon.
The Mitchell’s friend Gloria came over to try and help Ashley get out of this state that she is in now. The only answer that Gloria can give Ashley is that she needs to find a job to keep Ashley on her feet and to find a new place to live because Ashley’s old house a property that the mother’s company is taking over because of what Ashley’s mother did to the company. Gloria tells Ashley that she needs to “get a job like everyone else on the planet.” Ashley’s response to Gloria’s remark is “what.” Ashley’s response is like everyone else’s why do I need to get a job because nothing was ever expected of them ever before.

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