Thursday, November 29, 2007

blog post two A & B

Blog Post Two:

Post A:
Two vocab words that I didn’t know where:
Talismans page 96 definition: anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.
Larcenous page 107 definition: of, resembling, or characteristic of larceny.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” “He emphasized the word tomorrow as he closed the door.”Page 114.This quote is significant because it is describing how anxious Ashley is about her mother and her whereabouts and how Ashley thinks that Curtis her mothers boss knows something about where her mother is and what she is doing their.

Post B:
“I didn’t even bother to write down the info on anything above $700 a month- and even that was pushing it.” page 91. Ashley is running out of money and is in need of a place to live. To do this Ashley will need to sell items that she is not using at her garage sale so she can have money to eat and start paying rent on an apartment. Ashley and her best friend Nicole set up the garage sale and in total they brought in $3,500 which will be a start for Ashley. Next Ashley will try and find an apartment which is very hard because she doesn’t have that much money and no job yet. Two women that were trying to rent out a place said “We just can’t take the chance.” “Our last roommate said the same thing. She moved out while we were at work and she still owes us money for rent and a gigantic phone bill.”page 94. To find a nice apartment Ashley will also need to find a good job, like being a waitress at a restaurant where she will be able to get a lot of tips plus her own salary.
While doing the garage sale a silver Porsche pulls up and a man gets out of the car and he gives Ashley a card which reads Curtis Davidson III, Partner, Warren Simmons & Co. This is the company where Ashley’s mother Diane used to work. He says that he wants to talk to Ashley tomorrow. Instead of just waiting Ashley calls up her friend Brian and asks him to find where Curtis’s home is and she goes their to see if her mother is their and why Curtis would be hiding her mother and not telling Ashley why can’t he tell Ashley what he is going to tell her tomorrow.

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