Tuesday, December 4, 2007

outside reading blog post 3

Instigated pg. 119-to cause by incitement;
Befuddlement pg. 121-to confuse, as with glib statements or arguments

All of Ashley's friends have continued on with their life. Nicole, her best friend is going to Boston where she is going to be attending college and wishing that Ashley would come with her too.
Instead of going off to college which is what Ashley really wants to be doing she is going in for a job interview at a really expensive and Tres chic furniture store. Ashley thought this is just the kind of place I like. Ashley was having an interview with the store manager and he asked how much retailing experience Ashley has had and she had to sadly answer none and she knew from that point that she wasn't going to get the job.
After the interview was over she left the building to go to the end of town where they would have fruit smoothie’s and they would be cheap. As Ashley was leaving she saw a little coffee store called Mad Malcolm's Cyber café. As Ashley drove by she saw "Help Wanted" sign so she walked in and saw a Asian man with a shaved head and a tattoo of a dragon on his arm. Ashley said "Hi I'd like to apply for the job!" The Asian looking man reached under the counter and pulled out a raceme and handed it to Ashley. Ashley filled it out and even drank a latte to show that she was really into coffee. She handed it back to the Asian man. The next day Ashley woke up to a phone call and it was Malcolm Merriman from Mad Malcolm's Cyber café and that he was looking for Ashley that she has got the job and that she should come in around Nine O’clock. Ashley asked Malcom what she should wear and he said “wear clothes because this ain’t Starbucks darlin’.” “Wear whatever you want. But I wouldn’t recommend anything too short unless you want customers looking up your skirt every time you bend over.”pg.134 Ashley said great I will see you tomorrow at nine.

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