Monday, December 10, 2007

outside reading blog post 5

Part A:
pg. 225 Tapas- Any of various small, savory Spanish dishes, often served as a snack or with other tapas as a meal.
pg. 178 Insomnia-inability to obtain sufficient sleep, esp. when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.
pg. 188 Infatuation-extravagant passion or attraction.
"Earl?" "I called, struggling to keep my terror under control.""Oh God Earl!" "Can you hear me?" pg.197 This quote is important because it shows that Ashley treats and acts like Earl is her friend. Earl was hardly ever there for his daughter and now he thinks that he is helping and listening to Ashley because he was never their for his daughter and he is doing it for karma. Ashley felt like she helped someone by "saving" Earl's life and that she has a friend that she can help.
Part B:
In section four of My Lost and Found Life Ashley goes through motions at the coffee shop. She talks with the regular customers and she is even starting to flirt with Patrick, who reads and writes with Malcolm.
Ashley meets a man named Earl who works the night shift at Phil's gas station. Earl is very nice to Ashley he talked to a man who could give Ashley four tires for $300. Ashley also goes and talks to Earl about her problems and what has happened to her and her mother. Earl listens really well to Ashleyand what she has to say.
At the coffee shop the phone rang, Ashley picked it up and the woman on the phone asked for Patrick but Patrick told Ashley to tell the woman to leave a message. After Ashley hung up the phone Patrick told Malcolm that once a woman meets him she starts to make wedding plans (which he doesn't want) and Malcolm said to Patrick that he leads the woman on, and that it is his own fault.
After being in the camper for a few weeks Ashley laid down and found the knife under her pillow that she keeps there in case of an intruder. This was a smart idea in Ashley's case because a ma came and tried to get in the camper but couldn't luckily because the door was bolted shut. Instead of just leaving the man went inside the gas station and tried to get the money out of the cash register, Earl let him have it. The man wouldn't leave after getting the money he had to try and lock Earl up in the bathroom but instead of doing that he crushed a few of Earl's ribs and cut his head open. Ashley rushed in the gas station to make sure that Earl didn't gt hurt as she was walking in she saw the bathroom door open and she walked in and saw Earl laying in the middle of the floor soaked in his own blood. Ashley called 911 and an ambulance came and took him away.
Officer Strobel (who knows Ashley because they have talked about her mother Diane and her embezzling millions of dollars), started to question Ashley and what she was doing at the gas station at this hour, and how she knows Earl?
Ashley goes to free book readings, she went to one and she saw Patrick (who is a regular at the coffee shop) their and they talked for hours about different movies, and books. Patrick and Ashley were talking about movies they had seen and which ones were their favorites. Patrick said that he would have to take Ashley to see one of his favorite films (which was in black and white.) Ashley met him outside the theater at 6:00pm. After the movie which Ashley really liked they went to go eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant near the movie theater.

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